No need to worry too much.

The university prepares as much education and research environment as possible while taking measures against infection based on government guidelines and expert opinions. Of course, in order to reduce the risk of infection at the university as much as possible, there are many points that the university must do, and for that purpose, we are restricting the use of some facilities, limiting the number of classes, and installing necessary items. We believe that these are the responsibilities that the university should take to protect your safety, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.

On the other hand, no matter how well the university prepares the environment, there is a limit to infection control. The consciousness and concrete actions of each and every one of you are extremely important for infection control. Basic infection control measures such as avoiding so-called three-cs, washing hands, disinfecting hands, and wearing masks are essential to prevent outbreaks of outbreaks on campus. The university has set the necessary policies for that purpose, and is delivering the message that should be delivered to everyone at the required timing.

The fact that this initiative has been working effectively to date is also reflected in the fact that there have been few, if any, COVID-19 infections on campus (no confirmed events). However, what I would like you to know is that “risk will never be zero.” Even if you follow the possible infection control measures, the possibility of infection cannot be eliminated. The public reports of cases of infection despite careful behavior are also a sign that there can be no zero risk of infection.

Everyone should act in accordance with the required infection countermeasures, do not bring the virus into the university campus, do not spread the virus on the campus, do not take actions that would cause virus infection in everyday life, etc. Please feel free to participate in education and research activities at the university. The latest university infection control policy can be obtained from this site.

However, due to various circumstances, you may still feel uneasy about going to university. In that case, first of all, I would like you to consult with a grade advisor, a reliable faculty member, or this window (students only).