Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

For general information about COVID-19, please take a look at the information on this site. You may find answers to your questions in other comprehensive web sites listed in the “Links”.


【College life】
Q1: I am worried about getting infected at university.
Q2: I am worried that I will not get infected when I go to school.
Q3: Is it okay to participate in off-campus training, internships, etc.?

【Infection measures】
Q1: Please tell me about the infection prevention effect of the mask.
Q2: Why do I always have to wear a mask?
Q3: Is it necessary to wear a mask if I don’t speak?
Q4: Does any mask have the same infection prevention effect?
Q5: Is it okay to talk with my friends all the time if I wear a mask?
Q6: Is it necessary to wear a mask if I keep a sufficient distance from people?
Q7: Do I need to wear a mask outdoors?

【At the time of infection】
Q1: I had a COVID-19 infection at the university. What should i do?

【Suspected infection】
Q1: I may have got infected. What shouldI I do?
Q2: I would like to have COVID-19 test (inspection). How should I do?
Q3: I was informed by the public health center that I was certified as a close contact. What should I do?
Q4: As a result of the inspection (COVID-19 test), I found that I was infected. What should I do?

Q1: Is the vaccine against COVID-19 safe?
Q2: I heard that there are various types of COVID-19 vaccine. I don’t know which one is better.
Q3: When will I be able to get the vaccine?
Q4: Is it okay for people with underlying illnesses to get the vaccine?
Q5: I don’t want to get vaccinated, is that okay?